dont talk shit about my shitty country only people who live here can do that


Most favorite Anime Characters (not in order) ↷
Yato  Noragami



Read from right to left :)

This is a little manga I wrote to show how a girl’s efforts to make someone hurting smile ends up revealing a similar compassion from the very boy she was trying to comfort. It shows how a little kindness can sometimes seem pointless but it can be contagious and turn around to help the person giving it more than the one receiving it. 

SDOHUFodshuf omg this is so so so so so cute I love iiiit ahhh


 All the Snk manga covers ! 
Just a little reminder that Isayama’s art is very amazing and we all should appreciate it (●´∀`●)


the fbi will never catch me


Sebastian Michaelis || Kuroshituji

Tears, anger, pity, cruelty.
Peace, chaos, faith, betrayal.
We will fight our destiny
We must not result in our fate

Gifsets inspired by lyrics [ 2/? ] Cyua - Vogel im Kafig

  Kuroshitsuji 91 : That Butler, Change 


if someone ever tells you that you cant do something just send them this photo


Happy Birthday, Annie!
... but we will still fight to protect you
Jean and Armin- the reluctant heroes.

This is reality.